AWNP Claims Victory by Codpiece

The American Western Nationalist Party formerly as —  the Tea Party, Ultra Rightwing Conservative Party, American Wing Nuts Party, ad nauseum is that a silly photograph released this morning by someone on Facebook has all but assured the presidency for their candidate Thaddeus Emory “Em” Gideon.

Ha! Like that’ll happen.

Some codpieces, huh?


Hello, Mr. Romney… Let ’em imagine…

Mr. Romney, a vast number of your “equally out of touch with the average American” supporters, the corporate execs, fast and furious traders, M&A deal-makers, company break-dump-experts — hell, you certainly know more of them than we do — open state that they see themselves as great predators. The old “eat lunch or be lunch thing…”

We say, “Let ’em imagine anything they want. Maybe even a country with no “burdensome regulations” between them and the trough.”


Have You Seen the New Zombie Gathering Place?

It seems that the breakaway Ultra-Rights have finally organized themselves into an actual PARTY of some kind, behind the perennial nutcase candidate Thaddeus Emory “Em” Gideon (a.k.a. Gidiot). The funny about it is, they’re using a logo that they stole from an article, in jest of course, on this site. They even stole the name AWNP from us (changed the meaning a little of course.

It’s kind of funny, in a scary sort of way, that these guys are are aways romping on about personal freedoms — we suppose that the “guvmint” has taken away — but don’t give diddley-squat that have an an opposing point of view is ALSO a personal freedom. And don’t seem to even notice all the personal freedoms – like health, jobs, and savings – taken away from them by the big-dollar global corporations and bankers.

We kind of like the old adage “Your personal freedom ends at my nose.”

So we thought it appropriate that we ask our graphics guy to create an appropriate logo for them, to replace the one they stole from us. What do you think?




A Love Letter to the Tea Party

American Wing Nut Party Logo

American Wing Nut Party

Dearest Tea Party,
If you try to clean a bucket of worms by throwing in a handful of nuts, you’ll only feed the worms.
Love, PNCP

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